An Overview of the Zealot Movement and 12 Key Leaders (PDF Format)

Below I have provided a 32 page downloadable PDF of a study titled, “An Overview of the Zealot Movement and 12 Key Leaders.” I believe this information is valuable not only for understanding Jewish history around the time of Christ, but also for a better understanding of:

  • the man of lawlessness of II Thessalonians 2
  • Daniel 7
  • and the book of Revelation

This study is adapted from a previous post, “Revelation 13:3 and the Wounded Head of the Zealot Movement.The following is an outline of the study you can find in the PDF below:


A. Introduction                                                                                                    Page 1
B. An Overview of the Zealot Movement                                                          Page 2
C. Hezekiah the Zealot and His Family Dynasty                                               Page 4
D. 12 Key Leaders (from 47 BC to AD 73)                                                         Page 6
            1. Hezekiah (47 BC)                                                                                 Page 7
            2. Judas the Galilean (Hezekiah’s Son) and Zadok (AD 6)                    Page 8
            3. Jacob, Simon, and Jair (Sons of Judas)                                               Page 11
            4. Eleazar ben Ananias (AD 66)                                                              Page 12
            5. Eleazar ben Jair (AD 66 – 73)                                                              Page 14
            6. Menahem (AD 66)                                                                                Page 16
            7. Eleazar ben Simon  (AD 66 – 70)                                                        Page 19
            8. John Levi of Gischala (AD 66 – 70)                                                     Page 21
            9. Simon Bar Giora (AD 66 – 70)                                                            Page 24
E. The Wounded Head of the Beast                                                                  Page 30

Here is a downloadable PDF of this study. Please feel free to share it with others:

An Overview of the Zealot Movement and 12 Key Leaders (by Adam Maarschalk)

10 thoughts on “An Overview of the Zealot Movement and 12 Key Leaders (PDF Format)

  1. Adam–Thanks for this new work. I am now in process of reading it. I trust your work because I know it is carefully studied and researched. I wish that sharing was easier by email. Something that would pull out the email address for a name I put in the sharing box.
    I will comment again as I study this new work.

    Dean M. Barney


    • Dean, you’re welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I’m not sure what you mean about sharing by email more easily. If there’s anything I can do on my end to make it easier, though, I’d be glad to do it.


  2. Adam
    thanks and a tip of the hat to you and the effort you put forth in terms of “seeking the truth”
    i personally finished the Josephus works a couple months past and am in pursuit of shuffling historical cards into a cogent narrative
    i love your line of thought and your efforts; cant add any credible comments other than i consider your line of research as genuine and a reflection of a reality based search for truth—love it

    Liked by 1 person

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