Book of Revelation Fulfilled

This page contains a list of our Bible studies on the book of Revelation, and how the prophecies in this book were fulfilled in the first century AD. Most chapter studies below contain a verse-by-verse commentary. Soon I plan to update some of these posts, especially those pertaining to “the beast of Revelation.”

Below this list is further information on [1] resources we used in our study of Revelation [2] finished and proposed series related to Revelation, and [3] a 5-part series on the evidence that Revelation was written prior to 70 AD:

[1] Revelation 1
[2] Revelation 2 (Part 1): Letters to Ephesus and Smyrna
[3] Revelation 2 (Part 2): Letters to Pergamum and Thyatira
[4] Revelation 3
[5] Revelation 4
[6] Revelation 5
[7] Revelation 6 (Part 1): Verses 1-8
[8] Revelation 6 (Part 2): Verses 9-17
[9] Revelation 7
[10] Revelation 8
[11] Revelation 9
[12] Revelation 10
[13] Revelation 11 (Part 1): Preterist View
[14] Revelation 11 (Part 2): Historicist View
[15] Revelation 12
[16] Revelation 13 (Part 1): Verses 1-10*
[17] Revelation 13 (Part 2): Verse 11-Identity of the Second Beast*
[18] Revelation 13 (Part 3): Verses 12-18*
[19] Revelation 13 (Part 4): Nero’s Beastly Character*
[20] Revelation 13 (Part 5): Ten Fulfilled Prophecies*
[21] Revelation 14
[22] Revelation 15
[23] Revelation 16
[24] Revelation 17 (Part 1): Verses 1-6
[25] Revelation 17 (Part 2): Verses 7-18*
[26] Revelation 18
[27] Revelation 19
[28] Revelation 20 (Part 1): Introduction and Outline
[29] Revelation 20 (Part 2): John Piper Hosts “An Evening of Eschatology” (Subject: The Millennium)
[30] Revelation 20 (Part 3): Amillennial Viewpoint (Post #1: Verse-by-Verse Study)
[31] Revelation 20 (Part 4): Amillennial Viewpoint (Post #2: Verse-by-Verse Study)
[32] Revelation 20 (Part 5): Amillennial Viewpoint (Post #3: Two Articles)
[33] Revelation 20 [Part 6]: Amillennial Viewpoint (Post #4: Two More Articles)
[34] Revelation 20 [Part 7]: Post-millennial Viewpoint
[35] Revelation 20 [Part 8]: Pre-millennial Viewpoint
[36] Revelation 20 (Part 9): Minority Viewpoints on the Millennium (Post #1)
[37] Revelation 20 (Part 10): Minority Viewpoints on the Millennium (Post #2)
[38] Revelation 20 (Part 11): Four Views on Gog and Magog
[39] A Discussion of Two Ages: “This age and the age to come” (Precursor to Revelation 21 Study)
[40] Revelation 21 (Part 1): Verses 1-4
[41] Revelation 21 (Part 2): Verses 5-27
[42] Revelation 22 (Part 1): Verses 1-5
[43] Revelation 22 (Part 2): Verses 6-21

*These posts were written when I understood the beast of Revelation 17 to be Rome/Nero, the seven kings of Revelation 17:10 to be the first seven Roman emperors, and the 10 horns of Revelation 17:12-14 to be the rulers of Rome’s 10 Senatorial Provinces. I now understand the beast to be Zealot-led Israel, the seven kings of Revelation 17:10 to be leaders of Israel’s Zealot movement, and the 10 horns to be 10 Jewish generals (named by Josephus) who were appointed around January 67 AD to oversee specific territories and to prepare for war with Rome. These posts will be updated accordingly when time allows.


A. Josephus and the Book of Revelation

This project features a growing number of parallels between the Book of Revelation and “The Wars of the Jews,” published by Josephus in 75 AD. It includes a chart with dates showing when these events occurred. One reason this project is valuable is that it enables us to better understand the structure of Revelation and when the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments took place:

1. Josephus and the Book of Revelation (Nine Case Studies)
2. Josephus and Revelation 6:5-6 (Wheat, Barley, Oil, and Wine)

B. Little Gems From Our Study of the Book of Revelation

Many of the studies listed at the top of this page are rather lengthy, and numerous smaller studies are buried within those posts.  This series is an attempt to pull them out and present them as stand-alone teachings:

1. Revelation 6 and Luke 23: Hide Us From the Wrath of the Lamb
The Avenging of Righteous Blood (Deuteronomy, Matthew, and Revelation); Revelation 6:10, 16:4-6, 17:3-6, 18:19-24, and 19:2
3. Echoes of Mount Sinai in the Book of Revelation
4. Jerusalem, a Dwelling Place of Demons (Rev. 18:2)
5. New Jerusalem, God’s Dwelling Place (Rev. 21:1-3)
6. The Significance of the Word “Desolate” in the New Testament (Rev. 17:16, 18:19)
7. Wormwood (Revelation 8): An OT-Based Judgment Upon Unfaithful Israel
8. Israel’s 5-Month Locust Invasion in 70 AD (Revelation 9:1-11)
9. The New Testament Repeatedly Applies Isaiah 65-66 to This Present Age (Revelation 21:1-3)
10. The Mystery of God (Revelation 10:7) Has Long Been Finished
11. To Seal or Not to Seal the Book? (Daniel 12 Versus Revelation 22)
12. The Harlot of Revelation 17 and its Relationship to Old Covenant Israel**
13. The Seven-Headed, Ten-Horned Beast of Revelation 17**
14. “The Great City Babylon…Shall Not Be Found Anymore” (Revelation 18)

**These posts were written when I understood the beast of Revelation 17 to be Rome/Nero, the seven kings of Revelation 17:10 to be the first seven Roman emperors, and the 10 horns of Revelation 17:12-14 to be the rulers of Rome’s 10 Senatorial Provinces. I now understand the beast to be Zealot-led Israel, the seven kings of Revelation 17:10 to be leaders of Israel’s Zealot movement, and the 10 horns to be 10 Jewish generals (named by Josephus) who were appointed around January 67 AD to oversee specific territories and to prepare for war with Rome. These posts will be updated accordingly when time allows.

C. The Meaning of “Those Who Dwell on Earth” in the Book of Revelation

On February 19, 2010 I (Adam) completed a three-part series on the phrase “those who dwell on the earth,” which appears in Revelation 10 times, and at least a couple dozen more times in various forms. By tracing the usage of this phrase, and examining context as well as the use of this phrase elsewhere in Scripture, a strong case can be made that this phrase is an indication of 1st century apostate Israel. This three-part series can be seen here:


D. Expected future posts or series on the book of Revelation

My desire is to create compilations of direct allusions in the book of Revelation to:

[1] the Old Covenant given to Moses at Sinai (meant to contrast the emergence of the New Covenant Church totally separated from temple-based Judaism)
[2] Jerusalem’s destruction in 586 BC (meant to foretell a very similar downfall about to occur in 70 AD, with Jerusalem taking on the name of her 586 BC conqueror–Babylon)
[3] the plagues which came upon Egypt (meant to point out that the punishments inflicted on Israel’s old enemy would now be inflicted upon her)
[4] justice for the martyred and persecuted saints and prophets at the end of the Judaic age


  1. That Mountain Was Cast Into the Sea…and These Can Be Too
  2. The Significance of the Number ‘7’ in the Book of Revelation


The following posts lay out a case that the book of Revelation was written prior to 70 AD, and that this book has much to say about the destruction of Jerusalem and apostate Israel which took place in John’s day. Although the external evidence is discussed first, it’s the internal evidence which is more important:

[1] External Evidence for An Early Date
[2] Internal Evidence for An Early Date (Part 1)
[3] Internal Evidence for An Early Date (Part 2)
[4] Internal Evidence for An Early Date (Part 3)
[5] Internal Evidence for An Early Date (Part 4)
6] The Book of Revelation Written Before 70 AD (An Illustration)


22 thoughts on “Book of Revelation Fulfilled

    • Hey Ted,

      Thanks for stopping by! We will definitely keep it up. Tonight we covered the first half of Revelation 13 in our study. It was very informative. The post is just about ready to go up, but I will probably wait for the chapter 11 and chapter 12 studies to be posted first.


  1. Hey Adam

    No need to respond,get some rest.I just wanted to say that your study of the book of Revelation looks great.I know i should read them in order but i could not resist reading chapter 13 first.Wow that Nero was indeed a beast and Ten fulfilled prophecies,you get five stars! 🙂


    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to take a look at your book – it sounds interesting. That’s very kind of you to provide it for free. Thanks also for your valuable comment under the “Synagogue of Satan” post.


  2. Adam, have you had a chance to look through my book yet? Many of our views are similar, but in my book, I make the case how this leads to some interesting new insights into various topics. I’d be interested to receive any feedback from a fellow student of God’s Word.


  3. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for following up with me about your book. I started reading it several months back and didn’t get too far before something happened. My computer crashed and I lost a number of things that I hadn’t yet backed up anywhere else, including your e-book. I appreciate this reminder. I’ll send you an email momentarily asking for another copy, if that’s OK. This time I’ll make sure I keep a second copy in case the same or a similar thing happens. You’ve piqued my curiosity about the new insights you’ve gained.


  4. Hi Adam, I just came across this website while searching for info on Revelation. What a fantastic collection of notes and insights! This is really helpful. I have recently been reading Kenneth Gentry’s books and have been drawn to his partial preterist views. It makes more sense of Revelation than anything I’ve been taught before. Thanks for making this available.


    • Hi Gary, thanks for your comment, and you’re welcome. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been helped and blessed by the material here. The preterist position makes far more sense to me than any other view I’ve heard as well. I have to say, though, that I know more people on the internet than I do in real life who agree with this viewpoint, or are even familiar with it.


  5. Adam, I have had the same experience. I plan to teach a Bible class on the subject soon. Hopefully, at the very least, others at church will have a different perspective to consider. I did find one person in a previous class who had arrived at some of the same conclusions as I had. We were both surprised at each other as we began to express our “unusual” viewpoints on Revelation, soon realizing our agreement.


  6. Hi Adam. I’ve been reading several of your posts, especially the ones on Revelation 20. I’ve been in a bit of dilemma on the 1000 years (so-called millennium) for some time. Can’t make up my mind if it’s the 40 years between Christ’s ministry on Earth and AD70, or from AD70 up to the present and up to when God winds up history, or something else. Sure, I believe 1000 is symbolic, but it’s the one part of scripture that still baffles me. I hold to a broadly orthodox preterist view of scripture. Could I ask you 2 questions?: (1)What is your own personal persuasion on the 1000 years at this time? At what point is Satan let loose as is mentioned in Rev 20? (2) Do you now hold the Full Preterist position that ALL was fulfilled at AD70? Or do you believe there is some sort of final fulfilment yet to come – a point at which God folds up history as we know it? Many thanks
    Poole, England


    • Hi Mark,

      I appreciate you sharing that. I’ve been in the same dilemma for quite a while regarding Revelation 20. What a tough passage! Even after embracing fulfilled eschatology/preterism, I couldn’t see the 1000 years as fulfilled in the first century. It just didn’t seem to fit. Then I thought I saw it – like you said, fulfilled between 30 AD – 70 AD. Recently, though, I saw some things that made this explanation no longer seem to fit.

      If it wasn’t fulfilled by that time, however, I don’t think I see any parallels elsewhere in Scripture for the devil to be released for a short time, gather up the rebellious from among the nations, attack the saints, and all of them be destroyed.

      I’m still up in the air, then, on Revelation 20 and the 1000 years.

      I identify a lot with what is said to be the full preterist position. However, I don’t believe that the gifts of the Spirit ceased in the past (as some preterists and also some futurists believe). I also recognize that a resurrection and a redemption of our bodies still awaits those in Christ who have not yet physically died, though it has been realized for those who have already passed beyond the grave.


  7. Hi Adam. Thanks for your response. Revelation 20 is probably the hardest chapter in the Bible. I’ve agonised over it for quite a few years. However, I tend to lean more towards the view that it refers to the period between the first coming of Jesus as Messiah until AD70 when the Old Covenant was brought to a violent end. You’re right in that it is hard to get one or two bits to fit that view, but it seems to be the only one with consistency in terms of its symbolism and how it fits with other scriptures in Revelation. It seems to then lead into the last 2 chapters that speak to the everlasting New Covenant I could be wrong, but I just can’t see it speaking of the aion we’re in now. I also don’t see that there billions upon billions awaiting some great wake-up call from their graves in the future. In other words, because of what has been fulfilled, we go straight into the presence of the Lord at death if we are believers of the One – that the White Throne judgement commenced at AD70 and is ongoing to this day. I sense this is your view too. Where I stop short of calling myself a Full preterist is that I believe there will be a point at which God draws history as we know it to an end – where the rock in Jeremiah has become the mountain that has finally filled the whole earth, so to speak. I’m teachable and always happy to be corrected. Blessings!


    • Mark, you’re welcome. I believe I lean the same way you do, that the 1000 years in Revelation “refers to the period between the first coming of Jesus as Messiah until AD 70 when the Old Covenant was brought to a violent end.” My biggest difficulty in understanding this portion concerns the devil and his changing status as revealed elsewhere in Scripture, and lining that all up with what the text says in Revelation 20.

      I agree with you about the resurrection – that because of what was fulfilled, we are immediately with the Lord upon death if we belong to Christ. It’s been a while since I’ve studied on the White Throne judgment or any other judgment/rewards for believers, but I do tend to believe it’s ongoing and carried out as individuals pass beyond the grave. I don’t believe I see the Judgment of the Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25) as ongoing, however. Do you (if that’s something you’ve been able to study)?

      I want to believe that “there will be a point at which God draws history as we know it to an end – where the rock…has become the mountain that has finally filled the whole earth.” I’ve seen Scriptures which speak about the mountain filling the earth, but I don’t recall seeing them in the context of history coming to a close. Do you know of any good online studies which make such a case? Blessings to you as well!


  8. Hi Adam. Thanks again. One interpretation I’ve come across about Satan being unleashed when the 1000 years were over could be the severe persecution of believers that took place under Nero and shortly before the AD70 judgement (Rev 20:7). There had been a period of time of many years before that point when the gospel spread very rapidly throughout the known world and perhaps that was when the adversary was being ‘chained’ so he was restricted from preventing this enormous growth that was taking place. I guess the key is to understand that Revelation is using metaphorical and allegorical language all throughout. It is so easy to slip into the bad old habit of reading it literally. A first century Jewish believer would have understood it in a way that a 21st Century westernised lens would not.

    I used to worry constantly about the Sheep and Goats portrayal and that I might be the latter. Not any more. My own persuasion at this time is that this was a First Century setting, that the audience were Jews – who was a genuine follower of Yeshua (sheep) and apostates (goats) and what would be the outcome circa AD70.

    There are a few scriptures that make me wonder if there is still a final fulfilment to come. Allegorically, I can see that those of us who are followers of Jesus are in a type of New Heaven and New Earth post-AD70 and that we are the New Jerusalem and New Temple. This is where Revelation 21 and 22 come in. But I’m not somehow convinced we are yet living in the fullness of grace this side of the grave. Yes, the church is growing worldwide at a phenomenal rate, but sin and wickedness are still rampant. Nature is still as red in tooth and claw as ever. Is that lion yet laying down with the lamb?

    When I look at Revelation 22:15 it seems to suggest that the Godless are still outside the gate, so sin has not yet been eradicated. The gate suggests there is a way in, but only through Jesus Christ. Maybe I’m missing something but I struggle to see history just going on ad infinitum for millions or billions of years. Corinthians 1 – Chapter 15 is one that partial preterists cite among others as pointing to final fulfilment yet to come. But again, there could be a misreading here. I’m a preterist, no doubt about that, but I have tended to sway back and forth from orthodox (or partial) to full and then back again. I’m teachable and always open to be convinced otherwise if I’m missing something. Blessings and great to dialogue with you!!


  9. I am a new student of Preterism. I was doing a study about the Second Coming Of Christ and found mention of “The Parousia by J.S. Russell”. It was carefully researched and very well written. It all seems so logical and so many problems are answered. I like your studies on Revelation and will stay tuned it.


    • Hi Dean. Thank you, and welcome to the world of preterism. I have a copy of “The Parousia,” and I’ve read some of it but haven’t finished yet. I agree with a lot of what I’ve read in it, but not everything. Then again I don’t agree with all of my own writings from a few years ago. Within a few weeks I should be ready to post a new series that you may be interested in – about the beast of Revelation and the fourth beast/kingdom of Daniel 2 and 7.


  10. Hello Adam, I just want to say thank you and may God continue to fill you with grace and wisdom for His glory. I have been following your blog for awhile and I have enjoyed it very much. Perhaps I am biased because I find myself sharing similar view with yours 😛 it’s not been easy to find blogs like this! I appreciate you going in depth to share your insight. I look forward to more. His grace be with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi. Thank you for your comment, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying this blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions at any time. May God’s grace be with you as well.


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