This page features posts and articles about places here in the US and even outside of the US, with most or all of them including photos.

1. St. Paul, Minnesota (7 photos): Our First Wedding Anniversary – Aug. 4, 2013
2. St. Paul, MN (9 photos): St. Paul, Minnesota’s Downtown Skyway
3. Columbus, Ohio (12 photos): 
Day Trip to Columbus and Athens, Ohio
. Canton, Ohio (23 photos): Recent Trip to Canton, Ohio (My Hometown)/Mother Goose Land
. Aceh, Indonesia (19 photos): Siblings Reunited With Their Family 10 Years After Indonesian Tsunami (Plus Pictures from Aceh)
. Bowling Green, Ohio (7 photos): Bowling Green, Ohio’s Black Swamp Arts Festival
7. Cincinnati, Ohio (50 photos): Day Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio and the Underground Railroad Museum
8. Covington, Kentucky (18 photos): A Morning Walk in Covington, Kentucky (Along the Ohio River)








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