A Morning Walk in Covington, Kentucky (Along the Ohio River)

My wife and I enjoyed a morning walk in Covington, Kentucky. We live in Newport, Kentucky and we walked about 15 minutes to get to the area shown in the photos below. As you’ll see, Covington is directly across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Part of our walk was along Riverside Drive. In that area are historic homes and buildings, and seven bronze statues featuring Chief Little Turtle, John A Roebling, James Bradley (19th century Underground Railroad leader), Daniel Carter Beard, and others.













A few weeks ago I also took these photos from Devou Park in Covington, showing the cities of Covington and Cincinnati, the Ohio River, and various bridges from up in the hills:

(Covington in the foreground; Newport, Bellevue, and Dayton, Kentucky in the background)

4 thoughts on “A Morning Walk in Covington, Kentucky (Along the Ohio River)

  1. Great pic(s), Adam. You need to let Jasmine know, that statue she is sitting beside, reading the book………he’s not real. Hope you all are doing well. We miss ya.
    Brad & Sherry


    • Thanks, Brad and Sherry. We’re doing well, and I hope you both are as well. I passed on your message to Jasmine, but she’s still convinced that it’s real. I tried. 🙂 We miss you both too.


  2. I meant to, but forgot, so I don’t want to further be remiss about congratulating you both on your recent marriage in 2012. May God bless you both in the blessings of the LORD Jesus Christ and to fulfill God’s will in your lives. All the best to you both in your continued walk in the Spirit of Jesus Christ! All honour, praise and glory to God our Father and Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour!

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