Initial Post

Dave, Mike, Paul, and Rod,

This is our new blog site. The name of the site is made up of the first two letters of each of our last names:

kl = Kluender
op = Opferkew
os = Osborn
ma = Maarschalk
sm = Smith

For those who are not a part of our home-based Bible Study group here in Minneapolis, who might come across this initial post (or any other post), we are a group of guys who live in the Twin Cities area. We currently range in age from 31-50, and we meet regularly to build one another up in our faith in Jesus Christ. We wanted to have a place to share and store some of our thoughts on [1] topics that may come up as part of our regular study time, and [2] other topics of interest. Down the road, we’ll probably be interacting with each other on certain topics, but you are welcome to leave concise and responsible comments as well. We will be happy to interact with anyone who does not attend our study group, as long as discussions remain civil.


2 thoughts on “Initial Post

  1. Adam – I have just started working through your posts. I am thrilled to see another person taking seriously the prophecies of Jesus as related to apostate Israel in the first century. I hope you don’t mind an occasional comment.

    David Lowman


  2. Hi David,

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I don’t mind at all if you leave comments. In fact, please feel free to provide links to your own website and/or related articles. You most definitely had an influence on my journey from Futurism to Partial-Preterism (i.e. “taking seriously the prophecies of Jesus as related to apostate Israel in the first century,” as you said). You may remember that I stopped by your site some months ago and asked several questions. I haven’t made it through all your posts, but a lot of what I have seen has been very helpful.

    You’ll notice that a couple of posts from your site made it into my References page. I had to do a little digging online to find out your last name, as that was necessary for my term paper. I hope you didn’t mind. I listed you as being part of the leadership at Village Seven Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. If that’s not correct (I think I deduced that from some audio sermons you had at, please do let me know.

    For any other readers, David’s site is

    I would also like to mention that I have found another site most resourceful in my journey as it relates to eschatology, and that is


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