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This same information was just added to the “About” page, but I wanted to include it here in its own post as well.


January 2010 Update:

Our Bible study group has experienced a small amount of turnover since this blog was created in August 2009. Paul is no longer with us, although he remains a friend. We are now joined by Aby, a brother of Indian descent whose family comes from the state of Kerala, and another brother, Patrick. That makes six of us at this present time. The name of this blog is based on the last names of our group as it existed six months ago. However, it will remain the same, regardless of turnover and new faces.

We are nearly finished with our study of the book of Revelation. As we move on to study other books of the Bible and/or topical studies, we may or may not continue to post these studies on this site. However, several series of posts are in the planning stage and should be posted in the near future. The next series to go up, very soon (Lord willing), will be titled “The Ongoing Legacy of the Lakeland Revival.” It will be an in-depth look at the alleged revival under Todd Bentley which took place in the summer of 2008, based on a 9-page documented letter I wrote to my pastor at the time. It will also cover related events which have taken place since then, leading up to a new “outpouring” which began on January 5, 2010 at MorningStar Ministries in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Other series which can be expected include the following: 

[1] An Analysis of the Modern System of Tithing
[2] The New Covenant Believer’s Relationship to Mosaic Law
[3] The “Christian Zionist” Movement.

In terms of organization, the easiest way (at least for the foreseeable future) to locate various series will be through the pages shown left-to-right in the top bar. Current Page titles are: [1] Home [2] About [3] 70 AD Term Paper [4] Revelation [5] Fighter Verses [6] Adam’s Corner [7] Dave’s Corner [8] Mike’s Corner [9] Rod’s Corner. When a new series is added, a new page will be created, and all posts belonging to that series will be listed in order there.

For example, this is already the case for the series “70 AD Term Paper.” All 20 posts belonging to that series are listed under that page name, and are in consecutive order for easy referencing. These same posts can be found under the category “Partial-Preterism” (on the right side panel), but locating them there is less helpful because they will be shown in reverse order over a very lengthy span. The same idea is true for the series titled “Revelation” (our Bible studies on the book of Revelation). All of our chapter-by-chapter studies (and a few other related posts) can be found in reverse order by clicking the category named “Revelation,” but it is more helpful to see them listed in their proper order under the Page to which they belong (in this case, “Revelation”).

Expect the next new Page to be titled “Todd Bentley.” All posts on the 2008 Lakeland Revival and the new outpouring at MorningStar Ministries will appear there in chronological order, so that all related information can easily be found in one location. Documentation will include not only links to various online articles, but also an abundance of video files (not links, in many cases, because video links too often disappear).

January 24, 2010

P.S. Check out the video Dave uploaded earlier tonight under “Dave’s Corner.” He is featured in this video, and I believe you’ll find it inspiring.

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