“Singer- Timesaving Sewing” Review

Today I’m  doing a review on a book by Singer called, “Timesaving Sewing.” I highly recommend this book to sewers of all levels. It offers amazing tips to save time while sewing.

Even the  book is efficient! It only has 128 pages. But each page is full of great pictures and step by step instructions on how to make sewing more efficient.

Below are some of my favorite pages from the book. Enjoy.

This page offers a highlighted section of  time management tips for your sewing project.

I love how this book offers a solution for setting up a sewing area.

Great time-saving pressing tips!


This amazing reference guide is on Amazon.com for only a penny right now! You can’t beat that. It’s honestly a VERY useful treasure that can be referenced for almost EVERY sewing project.

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