As The Deer (IHOP) and Like An Avalanche (Hillsong United)

Today, as I’ve been enjoying a much-needed day off from work, I’ve been listening to a number of worship songs. I’d like to share a couple of them here.

The first one is “As the Deer,” sung by Matt Gilman at IHOP (International House of Prayer)’s Fascinate Conference in Kansas City, Missouri in July 2011. This version of “As the Deer” is different than the song written by Marty Nystrom in 1981. That version, I’ve learned, was composed and arranged spontaneously by Marty at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas (where I attended their 2-year Associate Degree program and the Third Year School of Missions from 1997-2000). Matt Gilman’s version is sung to an entirely different melody, but is also based on Psalm 42:1-2 in addition to Psalm 84:5-7. This recording is over 14 minutes long:

The second song I’d like to share is “Like An Avalanche” by Hillsong United. This is from a live worship event in Miami, Florida in 2012. I believe that Hayley Law is the lead singer here, and the lyrics are included in the video:

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