Peanut Butter Curry Meal Idea

About a week ago I cooked a meal that my wife and I both really enjoyed. I love curry dishes, and this one might be considered somewhat “off the beaten path.” When we told my wife’s family about it on Christmas day, they were surprised at the combination of ingredients, and that we were able to pull them all together to make a good meal. If you like peanut butter, and if you don’t mind (fairly) spicy food, I think you would enjoy it too. Here’s a list of the ingredients, but in most cases I didn’t take note of the exact amount I used:

1. Ground Turkey (20 ounce package, 93% fat free)
2. Peanut Butter (a generous amount)
3. Curry Powder (a lot!)
4. Milk (Vanilla Soy Milk, in our case)
5. Cinnamon
6. Nutmeg
7. Basil
8. Parsley
9. Oregano
10. Black Pepper
11. Cayenne Pepper
12. Tomatoes (chopped)
13. Avocados (chopped)
14. Bell Peppers (chopped)

Once I cooked the ground turkey meat, I mixed in everything else and served it with brown rice. We had enough leftovers for two more meals for each of us.

The inspiration for this meal came from this sauce, which I’ve used several times with some kind of meat and a medley of frozen vegetables, and served over rice or noodles:

Bangkok padang peanut sauce

Other ideas for this meal:

1. Substitute boneless chicken breasts (chopped) for ground turkey. Or substitute tofu if you prefer to avoid meats.
2. Use a can of Thai red curry instead of curry powder and milk.
3. Use coconut milk instead of regular milk.
4. Add or substitute other vegetables.
5. Experiment further by adding garlic, ginger, turmeric, fresh cilantro, etc. You might be surprised by what goes well with peanut butter.

3 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Curry Meal Idea

  1. With a wry smile this recipe caused me to ponder, if indeed one is fully restored in Christ and more, all the promises being Yea and Amen in Him, then how come Preterists by and large don’t see this has requiring an Adamic diet, but still happily rend the flesh of animals to satisfy their lusts, yes God granted this to those ruled by the flesh and ‘always resisting the holy spirit’ but have not Preterists entered fully into the Joy of their Lord?


    • Phillip,

      I’m not trying to be mean, but this is a run-on sentence and it’s hard to understand what you’re saying/asking. Regarding eating meat, the New Testament grants us freedom. Please see, for example, Mark 7:17-23, Acts 10:9-16, Romans 14:1-4, I Corinthians 10:27-31, Colossians 2:16, and I Timothy 4:4.


      • My apologies. The question I suppose is this. Preterism strives to be Orthodox, (in the main) and traditionally any vision of paradise has included within it some concept of the restoration of what is seen as lost in Adam. Lambs and Leopards skipping along merrily and Man presumably eating his nuts and fruits &co. So shouldn’t the Preterist be ‘showing his faith by his works’ by the practice of such a diet? Meat consumption, although granted ( ‘and thou shalt say, I will eat flesh, because thy soul longeth to eat flesh’ De 12:20 )is still in itself symbolic of Adam’s depravity – surely? The mature saint asserts with Paul; if this causes offence to the least of my brethren then I’ll have none of it. Which is to say that Love, which works no ill, remains, as the symbol of Man’s restoration in the fullness of Christ.



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