New WordPress Theme, Facebook Page, and Personal Site

In this post, I’d like to briefly share some information about this site’s new theme, a new Facebook page for this site, and a personal website.

New WordPress Theme (Motif)

A few days ago I switched to a different WordPress theme for this site. Previously I was using the “Under the Influence” theme. I didn’t know until I was browsing alternate themes that “Under the Influence” was retired in 2012 and was no longer being updated. I’m now using the “Motif” theme, which is fully responsive (for optimized viewing on computers, tablets, and smartphones).

I welcome any feedback you have on the new theme, including the site’s appearance, how the pages load, and anything else you might observe (or find to be a challenge). The background picture, by the way, is the same one found at the top of a post I wrote last September featuring St. Paul, Minnesota’s downtown skyway.

Downtown St. Paul 02 - Copy

You’ll probably notice several additions to the sidebar, and a couple of changes as well, including the search widget at the top. The previous header image is no longer in the header position, but it can be seen at the top of our About page. My wife created it about a year ago, and I think she did a great job:


New Facebook Page for Pursuing Truth

One of the additions in the sidebar is a new Facebook page for this site. It was also created just the other day and I haven’t yet announced it on my personal Facebook page or anywhere else. If “liking” Facebook posts, comments, and pages is one of your hobbies or addictions (just kidding), do feel free to “like” the new page:

Personal Website

(2016 Update: The site I described below was discontinued, and is now the URL for this site instead of

My wife’s skills are also on display at a personal website I created last fall. The home page was “under construction” for several months, mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing. This site, Pursuing Truth, is hosted on, but my personal site,, is hosted on has a much different setup, with certain options (e.g. plugins) not available on

Most of the design work was done by my wife, and she also created the neat photo slideshow on the home page. I know I’m biased, but I do think she could have a good future ahead of her in web design.


Thank you, as always, for visiting and participating here, and I hope you find the content to be a blessing, educational, and of value.

9 thoughts on “New WordPress Theme, Facebook Page, and Personal Site

  1. Love the new look Adam! I was so happy last evening to see you had found me on facebook! Thanks for accepting my friend request. Checked out the new website too….your wife did a beautiful job.

    There’s no way i’ll miss any of your posts now, as i’ll be receiving notices from here and the website whenever a new message is posted. aha! 🙂

    The new lighter background here is wonderful. Think you may have just lit a fire under me Adam, to refresh my own blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, PJ! I’m glad you like what you see here, and at my personal site where my wife did most of the design. I appreciate your feedback on the lighter background. I also really like it, and I’ll be glad if others do as well. As another plus, the font size has increased a bit compared to the last theme, which is good on a site like this with so much written content.

    You’re welcome for accepting your friend request on Facebook, and thank you for sending it! I actually saw one of your comments under an article at, and “liked” it. You probably received a notification from Facebook when I did that, because (it appears, anyway, that) you logged into with your Facebook credentials in order to leave that comment. I now see that my “like” is visible on your Facebook wall. However, I didn’t go to your wall to do that. I simply “liked” your comment on the 972mag site, and it showed up on your wall. It’s funny how that works. 🙂

    Speaking of how things work, could you explain what you mean when you say that you’ll “be receiving notices from here and the website whenever a new message is posted”? Thanks. I ask that because I haven’t been notified that you subscribed or anything like that. Which website will send you a notice? I hope my questions don’t sound silly. 🙂


  3. Yes, i really like the larger font size too…i should have mentioned that.

    About the notices; i’ve been receiving notice of any new post from here, the blog, for the last few years. Clicking on the RSS feed button, and then hitting ‘subscribe’ has enabled me to automatically receive any new message you post through my news feed. When i went to the new website today, i added that as well. So anything new posted there will also come through my feed. I love being able to do this for it allows me to know when you, or the few other bloggers i follow, post a new message as soon as you put it up.

    You say u didn’t receive a notice? Did you get one when i subscribed here a few yrs ago? I have noticed that the number of subscribers shown in my dash-board is a lot higher then the number of notices (of followers/subscribers) i’ve been emailed about.


    • I wonder if you’re using the Mozilla Firefox browser. What you’ve described sounds exactly like what I used to have set up when I used Mozilla. RSS Feed worked so well, and made lots of sense, with Mozilla. I kept up very well with a number of blogs that way.

      Now I use Google Chrome, which I find to be faster than Mozilla (and tremendously faster than Internet Explorer), but I haven’t yet made any sense of RSS Feed in Google Chrome.

      I could check the “” Reader feed on a regular basis, and see new posts from blogs I follow, but it’s not something I’ve done much at all. Maybe I should.

      I didn’t receive an email (or any other) notification that you had subscribed, but just now I was able to search in my stats, under “My Followers,” and see that you subscribed about 10 hours ago. I don’t recall getting a notification a few years ago either. I know exactly what you mean about the number of subscribers in your dashboard being a lot higher than the number of notices you’ve been emailed about.

      With your site (, I’m not only following via WordPress, but I’m also subscribed by email so that I receive an email every time you post. I have that set up, I believe, for only four sites, including yours.


  4. Sorry, i just saw your reply Adam. I use Safari most of the time, or Opera. I actually would use Safari all the time but i love the way Opera has it’s feeds set up; it automatically loads (a feed page) as soon as i open up the browser and continues to add any new updates every 20 minutes, from blogs or websites i subscribe to. Its set up like a window, with its own tab. You’re also able to see a preview of the contents of each feed, and can ‘pin’ any one you want to save. I like that option because i can pin something which i might want to save.

    I also have Google Chrome, but mostly as a back-up browser “in case”…aha. I’ll check out my Chrome and see if i can figure out how to use the feed. Though im sure you’re a lot more ‘computer savvy’ then i am. 🙂


    • Thank you for this info, PJ. That makes sense about the RSS feed being an extension in Google Chrome. I’ll have to look into that. I’ve never used Safari or Opera, but you made Opera sound pretty good.

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