Allyn Morton: How Radical is Dispensationalism (A Tongue in Cheek View)

The following article appeared in The Fulfilled Connection Magazine, a new writing collaborative started and managed by Allyn Morton (see Allyn’s bio at the end of this post), featuring content from a fulfilled eschatology viewpoint. There are currently 35 columnists, and I’m privileged to be one of them as well. This is one of Allyn’s first entries, published on June 20th. It’s satire, meant to demonstrate a point – the radical nature of dispensationalism:

They say, “When the full number of Gentiles have come in (along with the full number of believing Jews, who are coming in at the same time), the mystery of God shall be complete and Jesus will return.”

Let me explain. See, there’s a Gentile alive now who will receive Christ [he will be the last one], and then the church made up of Jews and Gentiles (not to be confused with Israel) will be raptured. This is the fullness of the Gentiles coming in. At this point, God’s prophetic timeclock will start ticking again, and He will begin working with the Jews, who are different from the Jews He worked with when He was saving them during the church age.

Now, since all the Church, made up of both Jew and Gentile Christians (and not to be confused with Israel), will be gone from the planet, we don’t know who will be witnessing to the Jews, much less the Gentiles (who God won’t be working with) during the Tribulation. Somehow, they will get saved, because God will unharden their hearts after ensconsing most of them in Hell for the last 2,000 years.

Never confuse God’s wonderful plan for Israel (not to be confused with His plan for Jews who receive Christ, during the church age).

These Jews who get saved during the Tribulation (Israel, not to be confused with the church) are not in the church, because the church made up of Jews (not to be confused with Israel) and Gentiles who make up the church have already been raptured, so God could start working with the Jews (not the ones who were raptured, and thus not a part of Israel) again.

The Jews (not to be confused with raptured Jews) who get saved during the Tribulation witness to the Gentiles of the world. Lots get saved. They are not a part of the church (not to be confused with Israel) either. These are called Tribulation saints (not to be confused with the church, made up of Jews and Gentiles who got raptured, not to be confused with Israel).

So, in heaven, there will be the church, made up of Jews and Gentiles, not to be confused with Israel, and Israel, made up of Jews, who are not the Jews who got saved prior to the rapture and thus make up part of the church, which is not to be confused with Israel, and Tribulation saints, who are Gentiles who get saved when God’s prophetic time clock awakens Him to save the Jews, who are not part of the church, which is not to be confused with Israel, because Israel is made up of Jews only, not Gentiles, who could be a part of the church, or the Tribulation saints, depending on where God’s prophetic time clock is.

So, there’s the church made up of Jews and Gentiles, then Israel made up of Jews only, then Tribulation saints, made up of Gentiles.

See how simple eschatology is when you don’t confuse the church with Israel?

© Allyn Morton

Allyn is the owner and administrator of several websites including TFC Magazine. He began his pursuit of understanding in html programming at the early stages of the internet. His interests are wide but mostly deal in websites, writing, and the joys of the outdoors. He is also a contributor to the Fulfilled Covenant Bible. Allyn is the father of three children and the husband of a loving wife.

10 thoughts on “Allyn Morton: How Radical is Dispensationalism (A Tongue in Cheek View)

  1. You’re right, of course.
    The problem is not defining Israel and Judah according to the definitions used by the writers of the Old Covenant: both, prophetic and historical. I’m sure that the thing the dispies call a gospel is not the gospel Paul preached. Therefore, they are accursed. As accursed, they can see, neither, the natural meaning of all scripture, nor, their own obvious obscurantist interpretations of the pieces they accept.


    • The framework of Scripture sure does get distorted by dispensationalism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Do you have any examples of how dispies preach a different gospel than what Paul preached?


      • Ephesians chapters 2&3 tell us that the blood of Christ made gentiles fellowcitizens in the citizenry of Israel in an association that had no divisions. Though we were strangers to the hope of Israel, the covenants of promise, and the God of Israel, we aren’t strangers and foreigners to them anymore. They preach that this is not true.


      • That’s a great example. Thanks. Similar to that, I’ve also noted Christian Zionism’s/dispensationalism’s rejection of New Testament statements that there is no Jew or Gentile in Christ Jesus, no distinctions, no favoritism, and that God pours out spiritual blessings on all who call upon His Son, regardless of ethnicity (eg. Romans 10:11-12, Galatians 3:28, Colossians 3).

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      • I agree. I hold what I call Regeneration Theology. It shows how national Israel degenerated when the chief priests told Pilate “We have no king but Caesar” – thus, rejecting God’s purpose to put the seed of David on the throne of Israel. Disqualifying themselves in that way, they left Israel with no one to offer acceptable sacrifices for sin. Jesus being the only Jew who needed no sacrifice for sin, He became the singular seed of Abraham as stated by Paul in Galatians.
        The kingdom of the Jews being, effectively, given to Pilate by the chief priests, he turned around and gave that to Jesus. Thus, the sentence on His cross: King of the Jews. Following that, Jesus drank the fruit of the vine/vinegar on the cross, the New Covenant (to which the disciples had committed themselves a little earlier) was consummated, the kingdom of God was new in the earth, national Israel was regenerated, Christ gave up the Spirit, and the disciples inherited the kingdom.
        It’s a version of Covenant Theology that uses literally interpreted scripture to dispose of the accusation of being a Replacement Theologian.
        Some things I point out:
        **Jacob obtained 2 blessings: 1 from his progenitors & 1 from the Lord. With those 2 blessings, He established 2 house: Israel & Judah.
        **Jacob fathered 13 tribes that had 5 different mothers. He, personally, inseminated Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, and Zilpah to obtain 12 sons. However, Jacob, in giving the birthright to Joseph, made the sons of the Egyptian woman, Asenath, higher in rank than all of Joseph’s brothers except Judah. The name Isarel was given to Joseph’s sons.
        **So many mothers means there was no homogeneity in Israel & Judah.
        **David became king of Judah 7&1/2 years before he became king of Israel. Later, 10 tribes of Israel were taken from David’s seed (but, not forever), and, given to Jeroboam to become Samaria. The Samaritan tribes of Israel went into exile, and, were scattered over the whole earth to forget their way back home while 2 tribes, Benjamin and Levi, remained in Judea. Only 1 man of the Samaritan tribes (a Samaritan priest) returned to Samaria.
        **When Judah went into captivity, Benjamin and Levi went with them – and those are the only tribes that came back from captivity with Judah.
        All of that is literal, natural language Bible. Much more besides.


  2. And to think, this bizarre radical theological puzzle was “lost” since the days of the apostles until the Brethren movement and Mr. Darby supposedly “rediscovered” it in the 1800’s.

    Looking forward to reading more at the link Adam! 🙂


    • That’s so true, PJ, and this “rediscovery” can be buried any time now.

      There’s some good reading already at the link (in the online magazine). You’ll recognize William Bell and probably a few other names too. I’ve been made to understand that the magazine will receive a major facelift over the next two weeks, improve significantly, and soon have its own URL.


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