We’ve Moved (to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky)

I know I’ve been rather silent on this blog for a while. I apologize if it seems like I’ve been ignoring comments, and I hope to get caught up with them soon – and posting more regularly as well.

A big reason for my absence is that my wife, Jasmine, and I moved three hours (or so) south earlier this week. In June and July, we also made numerous day trips to Cincinnati for job interviews and then to secure our housing. All that while, I was working 45-50 hours a week at my regular job and tutoring on the side. I’ve already begun to work here at our new location, but it doesn’t look like my schedule should be as intense (and I pray it won’t be).

From Bowling Green, Ohio to Newport, Kentucky

Since August 2013 Jasmine and I were in Bowling Green, Ohio (about 25 miles south of Toledo) sot that she could finish a degree she previously started. Jasmine graduated in December, and it was just a matter of time before we moved from that small college town to a larger city. We’re not big fans of winter, so we were determined to head south, but we didn’t go too far. The Cincinnati area puts us about four hours away from our families in Canton, Ohio.

View of Cincinnati from Our Place

(The view of downtown Cincinnati from the back side of our apartment complex)

We now live in Newport, Kentucky, walking distance from downtown Cincinnati (via three bridges over the Ohio River), downtown Newport, and downtown Covington, Kentucky. We’re close enough to downtown Cincinnati to see and hear the fireworks every time a Reds player hits a home run.


(Approaching Newport on the Levee from Monmouth Street; three blocks from where we live)

Bridges 01

(Taylor-Southgate Bridge Between Newport and Cincinnati)

Bridges 03

(That’s the Purple People Pedestrian Bridge over there.)

Bridges 02

(This is the I-471 bridge, which connects Newport and Cincinnati, but is not walkable.)

Bridges 04

(This is the I-75/I-71 bridge, which connects Covington and Cincinnati, and is also not walkable.)


(This is the John A Roebling Bridge connecting Covington and Cincinnati – Credit: Wikipedia)

Bowling Green (and northwest Ohio in general) is so flat, but there are plenty of hills in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area:

Hills 01

(Ravine Street, between the University of Cincinnati and downtown)


(Mount Adams, overlooking downtown – Credit: Rant Lifestyle)

My wife really likes the more unique forms of public transportation, from the trolley (available along both sides of the Ohio River), to the streetcar (coming in September 2016), to the Ducks amphibian taxi:

Public Transportation 01

Public Transportation 02

We took this picture last year of this same taxi in the water:


Here are a couple of photos we took this week while approaching downtown:

Approaching Downtown 01

(from the north)

Approaching Downtown 02
(from the south)

…and these were taken while driving through downtown:

Downtown 01

Downtown 02

Downtown 03

Downtown 05

Downtown 06

Downtown 04

Finally, here’s a photo of Findlay Market in an area just north of downtown known as Over the Rhine:

Over the Rhine

I’m interested in where my readers live as well. Please feel free to share something about your location in the comments below.