We’ve Moved (to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky)

I know I’ve been rather silent on this blog for a while. I apologize if it seems like I’ve been ignoring comments, and I hope to get caught up with them soon – and posting more regularly as well.

A big reason for my absence is that my wife, Jasmine, and I moved three hours (or so) south earlier this week. In June and July, we also made numerous day trips to Cincinnati for job interviews and then to secure our housing. All that while, I was working 45-50 hours a week at my regular job and tutoring on the side. I’ve already begun to work here at our new location, but it doesn’t look like my schedule should be as intense (and I pray it won’t be).

From Bowling Green, Ohio to Newport, Kentucky

Since August 2013 Jasmine and I were in Bowling Green, Ohio (about 25 miles south of Toledo) sot that she could finish a degree she previously started. Jasmine graduated in December, and it was just a matter of time before we moved from that small college town to a larger city. We’re not big fans of winter, so we were determined to head south, but we didn’t go too far. The Cincinnati area puts us about four hours away from our families in Canton, Ohio.

View of Cincinnati from Our Place

(The view of downtown Cincinnati from the back side of our apartment complex)

We now live in Newport, Kentucky, walking distance from downtown Cincinnati (via three bridges over the Ohio River), downtown Newport, and downtown Covington, Kentucky. We’re close enough to downtown Cincinnati to see and hear the fireworks every time a Reds player hits a home run.


(Approaching Newport on the Levee from Monmouth Street; three blocks from where we live)

Bridges 01

(Taylor-Southgate Bridge Between Newport and Cincinnati)

Bridges 03

(That’s the Purple People Pedestrian Bridge over there.)

Bridges 02

(This is the I-471 bridge, which connects Newport and Cincinnati, but is not walkable.)

Bridges 04

(This is the I-75/I-71 bridge, which connects Covington and Cincinnati, and is also not walkable.)


(This is the John A Roebling Bridge connecting Covington and Cincinnati – Credit: Wikipedia)

Bowling Green (and northwest Ohio in general) is so flat, but there are plenty of hills in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area:

Hills 01

(Ravine Street, between the University of Cincinnati and downtown)


(Mount Adams, overlooking downtown – Credit: Rant Lifestyle)

My wife really likes the more unique forms of public transportation, from the trolley (available along both sides of the Ohio River), to the streetcar (coming in September 2016), to the Ducks amphibian taxi:

Public Transportation 01

Public Transportation 02

We took this picture last year of this same taxi in the water:


Here are a couple of photos we took this week while approaching downtown:

Approaching Downtown 01

(from the north)

Approaching Downtown 02
(from the south)

…and these were taken while driving through downtown:

Downtown 01

Downtown 02

Downtown 03

Downtown 05

Downtown 06

Downtown 04

Finally, here’s a photo of Findlay Market in an area just north of downtown known as Over the Rhine:

Over the Rhine

I’m interested in where my readers live as well. Please feel free to share something about your location in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “We’ve Moved (to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky)

  1. Adam, I’m glad you have this site to stay in touch with those you left behind in NW, Ohio. You will sorely missed. Jasmine, too!


    • Hey, Brad. I’m glad this is one way we can stay in touch too. We will greatly miss you and Sherry as well. I’m glad there’s less than four hours between us. Lord willing, we’ll find ways to get together, even if not as often. Honestly, knowing you both was the highlight of our time in Bowling Green.


      • Likewise. You have touched our hearts and we have become better people having known you and Jasmine. I’m glad your move was successful. You’ll be a great asset to the area.

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  2. Adam that looks like a nice place to live. I’m sure you guys will have no problem settling in.

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta.

    It’s the best place in the world in the summer. Winter, not so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vincent, that picture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, and also for sharing about where you live. Yeah, I can imagine winter being a lot different. I remember learning that the largest shopping mall in North America is in Edmonton, or perhaps on the outskirts.


      • It is in Edmonton. It’s called “West Edmonton Mall” (I know, not a very creative name)Starting to show its age though. Was built in three phases starting in 1981 and was the world’s largest mall until 2004. Going through a major reno right now (finally gone is that 1980s “brass and mirrors” motif. lol.) and it’s still home to the world’s largest indoor water park among other things.
        The same family that built West Edmonton Mall, also built Mall of America and are planning on building similar mega malls in New Jersey and Florida. That family has kind of a funny reputation around here. For example, they have three mansions side by side here in the city and the rumour is that they have built tunnels connecting all three homes so they can visit each other without going outside. Urban legend maybe, but definitely an interesting family. Originally from Iran.


      • That’s really interesting. I had no idea that the Mall of America was built by the same family that built the West Edmonton Mall. I lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul from 2001 – 2007 and visited the Mall of America a number of times.


      • Ya, the Ghermezians. The company name is “Triple 5”. As a teenager I worked in Galaxyland (it was then called Fantasyland, it’s the amusement park in West Edmonton Mall) and one day this old guy in an electric scooter came by and started yelling at me for not doing a good job. I had no idea who this guy was, until later somebody else told me that was one of the Ghermezian brothers, the owners of the mall. True story.


  3. Hi Adam, After looking at this post I looked at your post about your first anniversary. You look to be about the age of our kids. My daughter got married in the back yard of her in-law’s house. her dress is one we found at a resale shop for $20 back when she was in high school. We put it in a plastic box and it sat in the crawlspace. I don’t know why people think they have to spend so much on weddings when the marriage is so much more important. I wish you well in your new home. God Bless, Debbie Binder, dbinder

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    • Thank you, Debbie. I agree that marriage is so much more important than weddings, which so often cost way too much. Before we decided to do things the way we did when we got married, we sure did receive some jaw-dropping quotes. God bless you too.


  4. My family and I are from St. and MN. We have been living in Louisville KY since 2005. Most of our family lives in Minnesota. We like to visit Papadauax’s in Cincinnati. We wanted to escape the winter.


    • Thanks for sharing, Jamal. We’re less than two hours from you then. Is Papadauax’s expensive? I looked up their website and saw their menu, but I didn’t see any prices. I know what you mean about escaping the winter.


      • It’s reasonable. I think the food is better than Red Lobster with a Sourhern twist. There is a movie theatre next door and a international grocery store in the other side of the freeway.


  5. Hi Neighbor! Welcome to Newport Adam and Jasmine! I’ve lived here 34 years and love it. The location is central to so many areas in Cincinnati and Northern KY.

    By the way, the huge WEBN fireworks display will be visible from your home. You’ll enjoy that.

    Looking forward to visiting with you guys soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, and thank you! We enjoy it here too so far, and it really is a good, central location. I wasn’t aware of the WEBN Fireworks show, but I looked it up (it’s on September 6th), and I’ll look forward to seeing it. I look forward to visiting with you as well!


    • Hi, John. It’s good to hear from you and I hope you’re well. Yes, we are enjoying our new location. I’ve just been busier than I thought I’d be (again). For one thing, I’ve been flooded with ESL/English tutoring work, which is a good thing, at least financially.

      You can contact me via email (mada77kl AT yahoo.com) or through the contact form on the About page of this blog:



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