The World is Getting Better (Part 3 of 3)

The last two posts (Part 1 and Part 2) have shown various ways that the world is getting better. This is the third and concluding post, again with plenty of charts and statistics. The following information was made public by Joshua Greeson at his Facebook (Author) page during the week of April 4-8, 2016. Joshua is the author of the book, “God’s Will is Always Healing.”



Poverty is shrinking and shrinking—going down the tubes with the rest of the CURSE… #‎theworldisgettingbetter



World Poverty Rate? DOWN! #‎theworldisgettingbetter


Years of Education for each person? UP!


Food Production per capita? UP! #‎theworldisgettingbetter


Global Hunger? DOWN! #‎theworldisgettingbetter


“The World is Getting Better Week” Scripture of the Day: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever (Revelation 11:15)!!!” This is Truth, like it or not! So we should expect to see it happen more and more. Let’s make it a point to watch for it! #‎theworldisgettingbetter




His Kingdom has proven—and will continue to prove—to be EVER-INCREASING, growing, spreading and advancing in the earth. May the mustard seed grow into a MASSIVE tree where many find shelter. May the stone become a mountain that fills the WHOLE EARTH. May the leaven of the Kingdom leaven the WHOLE LUMP. May ALL the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. May His glory COVER the earth as the waters cover the sea (How much of the sea do the waters cover exactly? ALL!). May the WORLD for whom Jesus died indeed experience this great salvation—in every sense of the word. Joy, peace, and an enduring hope for the future to you all. #‎theworldisgettingbetter Pass it on!


See also this 2014 article which includes “26 Charts and Maps that Show the World is Getting Much, Much Better.”

5 thoughts on “The World is Getting Better (Part 3 of 3)

  1. Thanks for putting this all in a (3-part) blog post, Adam! I’ve been meaning to do that so it could have a more “permanent home” on the net.. but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.. maybe I will now that you did. As a “P.S.” historical note.. I actually originally posted all of this stuff on the FB page in early 2014, and re-posted in 2016 after a few requests for it. And as a P.P.S., I take no credit for any of the charts/stats.. I just gathered relevant data from various locations around the Internet. Thanks again for posting!


    • You’re very welcome, brother. Thanks for the clarification about when it was first posted. You gathered some great information, all of it encouraging. I don’t know if you noticed, but in Part 2 there was a URL in one of your graphics (for that wasn’t working, and I made note of the working URL.


  2. This series of articles reveals the shortcomings of full preterism, aligning it with dispensationalism in the growing movement known as Kingdom Dominionism. Both groups align on the belief that mankind must, through their own efforts, implement God’s kingdom on earth, which also aligns with the RCC and UN 2030 Agenda. The fact that dispensationalists are working to make possible the return of Christ doesn’t seem to bother full preterists who believe that Christ’s 2nd coming occurred in 70 AD. Full preterists are without an explanation for how God’s kingdom comes to earth, and fill the void with mankind implementing the kingdom, even though this contradicts their belief that all prophecy is fulfilled.

    The belief that mankind implement God’s kingdom on earth or make the conditions on the earth right for the kingdom to come is the opposite of John’s vision in Rev 21:2 in which the holy city comes down out of heaven from God. This false belief results in denial of the godless state of mankind, and changes salvation from through Christ to by the efforts of mankind. Jesus didn’t command his disciples to feed and cloth the poor, He commanded them to spread the good news of the kingdom of God, and that is where our focus must be. Those who seek God find God, and those who find God are cared for by God. Do you not believe that it is God who heals, protects, feeds and clothes His people?

    I’m very concerned because I see that MANY are deceived by Satan and have put their faith in man instead of God. Please put on the armor of God because only a firm understanding of the Word and prayer can save us from the coming destruction, and make us presentable so we can stand before God on judgment day.


    • Hi Kate. I most definitely believe it’s God who heals, protects, feeds, and clothes His people. We are also His instruments, of course, even in the spreading of His kingdom. I believe Isaiah 9:7 when it says that “the zeal of the Lord” performs the never-ending increase of His government and peace.

      Actually the viewpoint expressed in this series of posts is not unique to full-preterism. I learned about Joshua’s information in a Facebook group led by partial preterists (and where that is the dominant view). Postmillennialists would likely be on board as well. This information is most contradictory to premillennialism.

      What coming destruction are you speaking of, and in which Scriptures do you believe it is described? Thanks.


      • The coming destruction I’m speaking about is the Gog war in Rev 20: 7 to 10 and Ezek 38 & 39. When we look at prophecies about the day of the Lord we see that it isn’t the final judgment because Satan is bound until a future period of time. In Daniel’s prophecy of the great tribulation in chapter 7 we see that at the time of the first judgment the horn speaking boastful words was slain v11, and the rest of the beasts had their dominion taken away BUT were granted an extension of life for an appointed period of time v12. Similarly, in Joel 2 after the great tribulation God “removes the northern army far from you”, with “you” again referring only to God’s people not the many who do not seek Him. The “appointed time” is the short time Satan is released to deceive the nations, Gog and Magog, to gather them for war against the saints and the beloved city Rev 20: 3 & 7 to 9 which is prophesied for the “latter years” in Ezek 38 & 39. The key difference between the Gog war and the great tribulation is that God protects His people throughout this war whereas during the great tribulation the saints were put in Satan’s hand for a time, times and half a time Dan 7:25.

        I believe Rev 20: 7 through Rev 21: 8 have not yet been fulfilled, however I do wonder if Satan has been released because of the significant amount of deception I perceive in the world. I believe Christ’s 2nd coming and the first judgment occurred in 70 AD which was judgment of the house of God 1 Peter 4:17. I believe that in 70 AD Satan was thrown out of heaven Rev 12: 9 to 17 & John 12:31, persecuted God’s people for a times, times and half a time, then was bound for 1000 years, then the righteous, both dead and living, were taken to heaven to rule with Christ 1 Cor 15: 23, 51 & 52 & 1 Thes 4 15 to 17. I believe that “the rest of the dead” (the unrighteous) will not come to life until the thousand years are completed Rev 20:5, when they will stand before the throne and be judged at the final judgment Rev 20:12 and burn in the lake of fire which is the second death Rev 21:8. I believe the harvest and the separation of the wheat from the weeds continues throughout the millennium until the final judgment, meaning both these groups will be present on the earth with there being many who are deceived and follow Satan, and few that inherit eternal life Matthew 22:14.

        But by far my most earth shattering belief is that there are two groups of people living on the earth – God’s and those that aren’t God’s. The way we discern which side someone is on is whether they have the truth, not whether they say Jesus is LORD, because as Jesus warned in Matthew 7: 21 to 23 MANY will claim to be following Christ but they won’t be. We are commanded to have a solid understanding of God’s word and test all teaching against it which is what Christ commended Ephesus for in Rev 2:2. John warns us to “not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God. For many false prophets have gone out into the world” in 1 John 4:1. Paul also warned us to “test all things, hold fast to what is good” in 1 Thes 5:21. Christ is the only shepherd that Yahweh put in charge of His sheep, and all other shepherds were removed Ezek 34: 10. All those who claim to be shepherds are false ones because Christ is the ONE shepherd who will feed Yahweh’s sheep V23.

        I see these two groups of people in Isaiah 60:2, those in the darkness which cover the earth and peoples, and those that Yahweh will rise upon. When Jesus came many did not see his light and rejected him and Isaiah 60 to 62 are about the blessing God’s people, “the holy people, the redeemed of Yahweh” Isaiah 62:12. In Isaiah 63: 1 to 6 we see what happened to those who reject the light of Christ on the day of vengeance which occurred in 70 AD, and Isaiah 65 tells us what happens to those who forsake Yahweh throughout Christ’s millennial reign. Yahweh warned “I will destine you for the sword, and all of you will fall in the slaughter; for I called but you did not answer, I spoke but you did not listen. You did evil in my sight and chose what displeases me” in verse 12 and “My servants will eat, but you will go hungry; my servants will drink, but you will go thirsty; my servants will rejoice, but you will be put to shame” in verse 13. Many on earth will continue to experience hunger, violence, etc. throughout Christ’s millennial reign because they are not children of God, and the only way we can help these people is to encourage them to seek God through reading the inspired Word and prayer.

        In Daniel 2:35 the rock becomes a huge mountain and fills the whole earth throughout Christ’s millennial reign with the saints which are the “last days that the mountain of the house of the LORD will be established as the chief of the mountains, it will be raised above the hills and the peoples will stream to it” Micah 4:1 & Isaiah 2:2. In the apostle’s generation the foundation of the spiritual temple was laid Eph 2:20, and throughout Christ’s millennial reign living stones are being built into a spiritual temple offering sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ 1 Peter 2:5, but flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God so we must be changed 1 Cor 15:50 & 51. While we are flesh we must not be conformed to the world but transformed by the renewing of our mind so we are able to discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God Romans 12:2. We must produce fruit worthy of repentance Matthew 3:8 and be born again of water and spirit John 1:13 & John 3: 5 to 7. There will be no end to the increase of His government Isaiah 9:7, but only the righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever Psalm 37:29.

        I’m afraid the deception permeates the entire earth today. The mainstream news is merely a source of government propaganda, so to fully understand what is going on in the world we must see what alternate new sources are saying. Take for example the idea that democratic governance = economic freedom = the world getting better. Michel Chossudovsky views the United States as an oligarchy that is trying to take over the world, which threatens to become world war 3 Paul Craig Roberts believes the US government is controlled by criminal bankers and pushing for war These two men are highly educated and while they can be wrong about some things, I don’t believe they are wrong about everything they are saying. We can’t stick our head in the sand and pretend this isn’t happening because we will be misled and caught off guard when things take a turn for the worse.

        I pray that all of us, you and I and all your readers, will seek God and find him so we can live forever on an earth where there is no more death, mourning, crying, or pain and God walks among us. God bless!


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